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The average American spends 2.7 hours a day on Social Media

Social Media is the modern day "Yellow Pages"



71% of adults with internet use Social Media

70% of TikTok users are between 16 to 24 years old, which means that only 30% are 25+ years old.

YouTube Has the most Engaged Traffic

Facebook is still the #1 most used platform

80% of B2B Leaders Come from Linked In, 13% Twitter, 7% Facebook

Snapchat is a form of Social Media

Every single minute, an average of 350,000 new tweets are posted on Twitter

Social media is;


1) A website, app, or electronic communication 2) That facilitates communication between communities, groups, or personal relationships 3) And allows the sharing of, and/or interaction with content such as videos, photos, and other information for personal or corporate uses.


Meet The Owner

Thank you for visiting our website. My Team and I have a background in marketing, web design, restaurant management, hospitality and entertainment. It is my heart's desire to assist these businesses in reaching higher success with a stronger social media presence with a comprehensive marketing plan. 


In addition to this, I offer my services to bands and live entertainers as more of a social media admin assistant. 

-Sylina LiBasci



My Story

Owner, Entrepeneur, and Single Mom, I am Sylina LiBasci. I was in the Hospitality Industry as a Restaurant Manager in 2020 when our country was shut down for safety during the Pandemic. Restaurants, Entertainment, Travel and Hospitality were impacted 100% and many did not see the future from the catastrophic events of that spring. I used this window, while unemployed, to reinvent myself by offering my experience in the industry in the form of Social Media Marketing Services to local restaurants who were having to modify their hours of operation, the dining room and staffing, to-go orders and even their menus. With short staffing, I found my services to be a great help to the owners and managers who were trying to do more themselves to keep the business in operation.

When the entertainment industry began to come back to the stage, I was fortunate enough to connect and help the Bands, DJ's, Karaoke Shows, Comedians, and others get noticed as they worked hard to rebuild their audiences.

It was my goal then and even now to get the information from the local businesses to the demographic audiences through social media outlets for all the industries who are working so hard to provide us with quality food, service, and entertainment.

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